When in Doubt, Laugh it out.

Photo by IslandLeigh/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by IslandLeigh/iStock / Getty Images

I have had a week (or two)!  One kid in bed with a broken leg, one kid in bed with some kind of virus.  When spring sprang this year I had NO IDEA I'd be inside tending injured and sick children.  And, here's the thing, when life gives you lemons you gotta squeeze them for all the laughs they are worth.  Here are a few thoughts and ideas on how to keep your spirits up when parenting gets you down!

For the 4-8 group there is no better entertainer then Bill Harley!  I have seen him live at least twice, we listened to his songs and stories for hours at a time in the car.  He takes you right back to what it was like to be a 8 - 13 year old in ways you don't even remember you forgot.    Science fair, neighborhood plays, thoughts about your teachers, first crushes, sleepovers in the backyard - he covers all the childhood ground with such humor and wisdom and just the right amount of sass.  Some words of wisdom to whet your whistle, 'Black socks never get dirty, the more that you wear them the stronger they get.'

For the 8 - 13 group watch Modern Family on Hulu.  So funny, such great tv friends.  Are you a Claire, a Cam, a Jay, a Mitchell or a Gloria.  There is a little bit of each of us in them and it's so fun to laugh at.  The writers do a great job exploring the crazy ways parents try (and usually fail) to influence their kids.  Mistakes and all the families just continue to show up together.  There was one episode done entirely via FaceTime and Facebook - genius!  

For teens there really is nothing like asking them to show you funny stuff on YouTube.  A shared 3 minutes can many a memory make.  I'm afraid to tell you my favorites because most are not safe for work, but here are a few that should be ok, The Man Cold, Business Time, Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles, and The Substitute Teacher, and if you don't mind a little swearing, the one, the only, Honey Badger.

Here's the moral of the story, when times are tough the laughter should be rolling.  Find something that tickles your funny bone, invite your kids to share it with you, have a laugh - take an advil and go to bed early.