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Sometimes, all you need is a jolt of inspiration to get the parenting wheels rolling. Paige Trevor's articles provide no-nonsense, focused advice on parenting and organizing with a side of humor.

Some of her award-winning articles include:

  • "When Being Too Nice is Not so Nice," in Washington Parent magazine, which won a National Parenting Product Gold Award. Here's what the judges had to say: "The quality of advice on critical parenting topics is superb and refreshingly original. ... The column is a good case study in ways to deliver original, authoritative solutions to thorny problems." 
  • "7 Ways to Break the Nagging Cycle" which won a 2015 Parenting Media Association Bronze Award. 

You can find Paige's writing in Washington Parent magazine, the Glover Park Gazette, and on her popular weekly blog, Nifty Tips. Sign up below to receive Nifty Tips in your inbox.

Contact Paige Trevor for a quote or an article on her unique message about organized parenting. Topics she can address include:

  • 10 tips to simplify your family’s morning
  • Getting ready for the school year
  • Ways to save money on your growing child’s wardrobe
  • When you speak, does your child listen?
  • How to resist passing on the hoarder gene


Humor and wisdom all wrapped up in one brief little nugget of relief. Reading your column and your blog always reminds me to act more than I NAG!!
— Julie
Paige, I’ve complimented you before but I just want to say again how useful and wonderful your tips are. You have a certain way of communicating that is on my level. I forward many of your tips to my two kids who are in their forties - one married with kids and one single. You have us at hello!
— Fan Sue
Once again, Paige, you start my day with a huge belly laugh!
— Merrill

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