Hey, Don't Just Take My Advice, AGAIN!

Photo by Zoonar RF/Zoonar / Getty Images
Photo by Zoonar RF/Zoonar / Getty Images

There is SO much organizing advice out there!  I did a google search for  "Organizing" and got  125,000,000 options, I googled  "Get my family organized" and there were 94,700,000 places to find help, inspiration, ideas and advice.  Click on Amazon and look up "Family Organization" (in the books section only) and you get 43,109 titles.  Ummm, who has time to sort through this?!  To lighten your load here are my top recommendations.

Organizing from the Inside Out and  Time Management from the Inside Out- Julie Morgenerstern has been around for over 15 years providing advice to all of us, including Oprah!  Her approach is  realistic and encouraging.  She looks at each room and each task and asks first, "What's working?". It's a positive and strengthening way to start a project that feels overwhelming and daunting.  

Getting Things Done by David Allen has JUST BEEN REVISED, so exciting!  His methodical, common sense approach to being productive is nimble, universal and solves so many problems. He suggests if you can do a task in 2 minutes or under, DO IT NOW (because it would take longer to decide when to do it, make a note of it and file it then it would be just TO DO IT).  Another idea is to set aside 1 - 2 hours a week to review your past week, your upcoming few weeks, get your e-mail in box to zero (WHAT?), delete voicemails, re-adjust any commitments or projects with new information you have.  If you take just one thing away from his approach you will feel more calm, in control and productive.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  by Marie Kondo has sold OVER TWO MILLION copies since it's release last October. The title is seductive and promising and the idea I love most from her is to sort by category, not location.  She suggests starting with clothes - gather ALL your clothes and look at them as one whole group, not closet by closet or drawer by drawer.  Then move on to books, papers, miscellany and finally photos and mementos.  Marie believes this tidying should be done by YOU, YOU should pick up and handle one object at a time and she claims you only will have to do this once.  Imagine?!

Pinterest  Sometimes you just need a little visual inspiration and I love Pinterest.  You can type in 'home office' or 'pantry ideas' or 'organize kids rooms' and you are delivered a variety of tiny, appealing and motivating photos.  Sometimes that's all you need to start tidying up that cupboard of pots and pans, or the random basement shelves of miscellany.

Let me know any organizing books, inspirations or blogs you love, I so enjoy adding to my arsenal of tips and tidbits.