Underused Parenting Tool #23: Have FUN Yourself.

Sometimes we parents focus on maybe one or two tools in the vast array of options in the parenting tool box.  I am beginning  a semi-regular series of posts highlighting some awesome tools we often overlook, neglect or just plain didn't know were there.  They will be in no particular order, so I will assign random numbers to them, just for fun.

Have FUN yourself.  We underestimate the good that comes from simply having old fashioned fun ourselves.  We focus on improving our kids or improving ourselves, and sometimes, in a pinch, improving our spouse or partner.  Instead, go out and have fun yourself.  Make your own life bigger, learn something new, go somewhere different, try a new food a new drink a new sport.  

A good friend of mine started this blog to make this underused parenting tool easier for you to find!  Peruse, enjoy, get inspired and HAVE FUN!