School's out for summer, School's out FOREVER!

Remember those Alice Cooper lyrics?  

No more pencils.

No more books.

No more teachers's dirty looks.


Well, it feels so good, for about 2-3 weeks. And then . . . . "Well, what should we do?  Hey, turn off that tv.  You there, fork over that i phone.  WHAT, where did you get my i pad?"  

Are we all there yet?  Has it been 2-3 weeks of vacation?  Does it feel like school will be out FOREVER?! What to do, what to do?  TRAINING!  Train your kids in one chore, (ONE, you over achievers out there, this is NOT AP Summer Vacation).  Ask your child which delectable chore or task they'd be interested in learning to do.  Here are some ideas to get you both thinking.


4-5 Years Old:  Set table, make sandwich, clean the bathroom (you never know, my old friend Belinda used to love to clean the toilet, I kid you not).

6-7 Years Old:  Peel and cut veggies for dinner, carry in groceries AND put away, feed and walk the dog.

8-9 Years Old:  Wash (and dry and fold) their own clothes, prepare a family meal, wash the car (clean out inside too!).

10 - 11 Years Old:  Run an errand, process incoming mail, clean out and re-organize front closet or kitchen pantry.

12 - 14 Years Old: Research destination on family vacation, learn how to pump gas, de-clutter their rooms, clean out garage (totally - multi day task in sorting, tidying, cleaning, purging, labeling, editing).