Family Life, it's stressful!

Family Life, it's stressful!

Stress - it's everywhere, we are stressed, our kids are stressed, we are stressed about being stressed. I've come to think about stress a bit like food. We can't NOT have it, AND we have to select nourishing stress over sugary/caffeiney/boozey stress. Let's do a listicle (less stress!):

Junk Food Stress

  1. mindlessly scrolling on social media
  2. comparing our kids to other peoples kids
  3. sugar/caffeine/booze
  4. over-scheduling so we don't have to deal with kids and screens at home
  5. over-spending, using a credit card when it can't be paid in full at the end of the month
  6. too much stuff (shoes, clothes, kitchen gadgets, sheets, towels... jammed up and squeezed in drawers and cupboards)
  7. reinventing the "getting out of the house" or "going to bed" routine every day
  8. our kids problems, that they can/should solve (getting up, homework, friends, fashion)
  9. how our co-parent parents, trying to get them to change
  10. procrastinating (start your taxes, people!)

Nourishing Stress*

  1. waking up early to workout, meditate, journal or read (it IS stressful to do this)
  2. goals that are just out of reach, and not totally crazy
  3. doing Special Time with our kids on a regular basis
  4. menu planning / healthy meals / healthy food in the house
  5. creating and maintaining routines
  6. our own problems (our career, our relationships, our hobbies)
  7. connecting with friends (can be on social media, or the phone, or in person)
  8. making & eating greens, caffeine free drinks, booze free evenings
  9. continually editing our stuff and calendar so it reflects our values
  10. going to the Dr's for annual exams, mammograms, colonoscopys, mole checks, etc

*The "aha moment" is that the good for you stuff causes stress also. Trying to fit it in, not wanting to, it's uncomfortable - all stressful. And at the end of the day the nourishing stress makes us feel good tired and the junk food stress makes feel wired tired.