Parenting Media Association's Gold Award

So exciting! See below a review of an award winning article co-written with Robyn Des Roches. Thanks to parenting experts Alyson Schafer and Patti Cancellier (from the Parent Encouragement Program) for their insights and quotes. Link to the original article below.

Gold: Washington Parent, “Ages & Stages”; Robyn Des Roches, Paige Trevor
The quality of advice on critical parenting topics is superb and refreshingly original. When cutting through the complicated mess of boundaries (permissive vs. positive parenting), for example, the column takes a direct approach: Don’t let fear of parental tyranny turn the child into a tyrant. Ideas abound for taking a sounder approach, as they do in an article on managing children’s behavior in intense situations like funerals and weddings. The column is a good case study in ways to deliver original, authoritative solutions to thorny problems.