Your Gonna Hear Me ROOOOOARRRRR!

Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon's lip sync contest where Kevin Hart does Roar? Ok, if you haven't, take a minute, your day will be made. If you have, watch it again, I'll wait. 

AMAZING, am I right?! 

This came to me thinking of how joyful and life affirming ROARING your anger out can be. Now, it can't be lashed out AT people, or used to shame. But ROARING your truth, your self-respect, now THAT is where it's at. And Kevin Hart is nothing but pure joy ROARING!

With Anger on the brain, here are five quick tidbits to get us thinking about how to ROAR with joy!

1. Anger is a part of the human experience, you ain't gonna get rid of it.

2. Anger shows us the way to deeply held values, places where we have been hurt and are trying to fix it, where we are being disrespected, ignored or overlooked.

3. Anger hides scarier emotions like - fear, anxiety, loss of control, not being heard, overwhelm, feeling smothered.

4. Anger gets people MOVING. It's why we keep using it. And, anger depletes the relationship- makes it smaller, spikier, stingier.

5. Repressed anger is still anger. All of us "NICE" people . . . we are pissed too. Unexpressed anger can be just as damaging to a relationship as aggressive anger. When we are not authentically representing ourselves, or when we let our beloveds 'get away' with bad behavior because it makes the day quieter - we ain't doing anyone any favors.