Where DID That Darn Solution GO?!

I am always really busy this time of year, and I love it! New clients, old clients, everyone wants to get organized. The number one thing that gets in people's way of getting organized is thinking there is A SOLUTION! 

PERFECT SOLUTION: We walk into our 10 year olds room, here is our brain talking. "I need to know the PERFECT bookcase to buy that will last, that the kid will like, that I know is a good value, that I can fit in my car, that will look good, that my mother in law will approve of, that will organize and hold ALL the crap, that will make me feel good, that will match the existing carpet."

This thought is tiring. I am defeated. I am small. I am overwhelmed. I turn on my heel, I go and click on Amazon and re-order my book wish list. THAT I can manage.

INSTEAD. . . . 

I DON'T GOT NO SOLUTION, AND I'M GONNA STAY IN THE GAME: We walk into our 10 year olds room. "This room needs something. Maybe a book case. I think I'm gong to sort some the stuff that's in here. Clothes, stuffed animals, toys, knick knacks, crafts, books, crap that isn't hers. Wow, that's a lot of categories, I think I'll keep only clothes, stuffed animals, books in here. I will move crafts and toys to the playroom. I'm going to put all the knick-knacks on her desk and we can sort and purge. Looks like she needs a new book case, I'm going to measure that blank wall for now and see what they have at Ikea that would fit in that space." 

This thought is empowering, energizing, solution oriented, non-judgmental. I can complete this task in under an hour. I can make progress. I don't have to THINK so hard for a solution, I can sort and arrange and the solution bubbles up from the mess!

Genius, relieving, sublime!