Feeling lazy about getting started on that project? Me too!

Feeling lazy about getting started on that project? Me too!

A lazy way to get going on a project we have procrastinated on is called, "Do it without doing it" and the success rate is a solid 82% - I know you want the MAGICAL 100%, but I say 82% is better then 0%, wouldn't you agree?  Here are three main categories we tend to avoid, put off, and still - needs to get done!

Office Work:  NEWS FLASH, no one FEELS like doing their taxes, paying their bills, submitting medical claims. WAITING until you FEEL like it will get you to do your taxes, bills, medical claims at exactly a quarter past NEVER!  (A lot of caps, I know, and I am sort of yelling at you, because you need a wee bit of  tough love and you will, more then likely, thank me later.)  Tonight, when you are tired, yet you have visions of the new you feeling like attacking that project tomorrow, go ahead ahead and 'do it without doing it'. Clear your desk, get out the forms, the taxes, the back up. Find your sticky notes. Locate the stapler, stamps and paper clips. Make sure your ink toner is full. If you need more info to get started, look up the phone number TONIGHT, jot it down - no need to call, no need to do it now. Remember, we are 'doing it without doing it'. Tomorrow, you will have an 82% chance of actually getting it done. 

Decluttering Project:  Let's say the bookshelves. I've seen your guys bookshelves. Most of us have 32% too many books, at LEAST jammed in those shelves. Get out your brown paper grocery bags and set them up near the shelves. Mark them, "Give to Cousin Susan", "Library", "Ask spouse". Neatness counts here. Remember when I talked about "dating your goals"? (click here for a refresher)

Working Out: You want to work out and you don't feel like it? Pour your second cup of coffee, and simply set up the yoga mat, the 15 minute video, the weights. Then go on your merry way and 82% of the time you will end up working out later in the day. It's all set up, there is no resistance, except those pesky feelings, and those we can override with some a good pair of tennies and some pumping music.