Get Started . . . TOMORROW!

How do we start getting organized? (Remember, we are going to practice getting organized, not obsessing about being organized, for a refresher read last week's post). Let's do a listicle, shall we?

1. It only takes one person to decide and get organized. I see a lot of spouses pointing fingers, blaming and trying, by gosh almighty, that the other spouse (child, children) WILL HELP, and be appreciative and see the value in, and adore being organized. You guys, Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see." So, so very irritating, and yet so very, very true and powerful.

2. Start with stuff you do/use every day. Think waking up, getting out of the house, meals, fun time, work/homework time and going to bed. Clean out your car and find a different relationship with your commute. Create a meal plan, execute MOST of the meal plan and watch your shoulders relax at 5:45 pm instead of reaching for a glass of wine or yelling at your kids.

3. Routines, routines, routines - brain research tells us we mostly do the same stuff we did yesterday. Start creating routines and after a while they sustain themselves. Such, such magic in routines. Creativity blossoms INSIDE of routines. How to start you ask? Try and just follow the directions for a week or two. The trick is that a few routines will be magical, a few will fall flat and not work for you. The ones that stick transform your life.

4. Less is More - In almost everything. Reduce the number of toys and you instantly reduce the amount of nagging. Reduce the calendar clutter and you miraculously transform the - "Hurry, hurry, we're late." energy in your house. Reduce the nagging and you will see the goodwill increase.

5. Make helping out appetizing to your family. Usually we martyr ourselves for years and one day wake up when our kids are teens and shriek, "Hey, you guys get in here and help and I mean it and do it PROPERLY. I hate chores too!" Sound like you want seconds of that? 

6. Come out tomorrow night and share your pain with a group, get inspired, get some answers and then we can Get Organized!