Seriously, How Do I Get Them To Do Chores?

Photo by LifesizeImages/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by LifesizeImages/Photodisc / Getty Images

Don't we all just wake up one day and think, "Wait, what?! Why am I doing EVERYTHING?"  

Usually I like to to be positive, and tell you what you CAN do. But let's mix it up. . . 

There is no one way to write - just as there is no one way to parent a child or roast a turkey. But there are terrible ways to do all three.    Ann Handley, "Everybody Writes" 

I have seven terrible ways to try get kids to do chores. If you want the more encouraging ways - click on the button below, but for today, let's have a little negative-o fun!


1. Let them do nothing until they are 11 and then demand they get off their butts and help.

2. Be super duper inconsistent. No chores until you've had it, then chores for three hours until you are done, gosh dern it!

3. Hate chores yourself, talk disparagingly about household tasks. Only do them when you are super pissed. Complain bitterly about the lack of help from your spouse.

4. They give an inch, you take a mile. They act jolly helping you shred the cheese, you demand they set the table. They happily (or not hostiley) fold their clothes, you insist they clean out the crap from underneath their bed.

5. Only interact over chores when you are terse, angry, annoyed, overwhelmed, embarrassed, at your wits end.

6. Expect your child to want to do chores, nay - expect your child to be grateful for doing chores. Have't they read the long term studies about chores and children? Don't they realize that YOU giving THEM chores is an act of LOVE? 

7. Never accept a "No" from your child when you request help with a chore. (Pssst, if it's not optional - do NOT ask, instead say, "Jimmy, you may help me clear the dishwasher now.")

I feel kind of bad/guilty now because the blog title was totally misleading, but come to the PEP Workshop and I'll fill you all in on what TO DO!