Whoops, Did You Accidentally Wreck the Kids?

You guys . . . do you ever feel like you accidentally wrecked your kids? We all do and PEP's Noted Author's Series is here to give us help, assistance, advice and in the good hands of Alyson Schaefer, plenty of laughs.

Below are the details, and if you want some juicy tidbits of her wisdom, read When Being Too Nice Is Not So Nice. I've been teaching and using the new parenting paradigm Alyson describes in the article with GREAT success!


Parents of Tweens and Teens: The Joys and Fears of the Teen Years

Parenting teens today requires a unique and empathetic parenting approach. Alyson speaks candidly about the joys and challenges that face teens, pre-teens and their parents during the transition to adulthood. Parents will learn brain-based research on teen behavior, interpersonal solutions to teen problems, a refreshing understanding of how great teens can be and a reality check on the real issues for which we need to be prepared.

Thursday night, November 17, 7:30-9pm

Landon School, 6101 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, MD

http://pepparent.org/noted-aut hor-series/


Parents for Kids of All Ages: Moving from Conflict to Cooperation

Whether it is sibling bickering or parent-child power struggles, conflict is a part of family life. Navigating conflict constructively isn’t always intuitive. Fortunately, kids give us endless opportunities to both improve our skills and help them develop their own. Using a four-step approach, you’ll learn: to recognize the difference between conflict and rivalry; how our parenting can stimulate conflict or cooperation; and to manage conflict without feeling bad about it or avoiding it.

Friday morning, November 18: 9:45-11am

Bradley Hills Presbyterian, 6601 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD

http://pepparent.org/noted-aut hor-series/


Tickets are $35. Register today at PEPparent.org or 301- 929-8824.


P.S. If you’re not familiar with PEP, it’s an amazing organization that provides classes, events, and other educational resources to parents and all who care for children, toddlers through teens. Participants of the classes often call it transformational. In the past 30 years, PEP has served more than 35,000 parents in the region, and more than 4,500 parents attend classes and events every year.