Size Matters

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Do you see the desk in the photo?  Do you notice anything about it?  Take a minute, scroll back up, please look. . . . .

Ok, what did you see?

Did you see that the desk was waaaaaayyyyy bigger then the lap top?

Ok, I don't want to be really bossy and annoying, especially after that SUPER FUN post I did last week and MOST especially because I am currently on vacation, but sometimes I just have to come to your guys rescue.  I really do.  I love you all too much to let you do this to yourselves.

I have gone into one too many houses where parents have assigned themselves the teeniest, weeniest little desks and what fits on the desk is a computer, a key board, a mouse pad and a pen and maybe (just maybe) a couple stack of sticky notes.  PEOPLE, size MATTERS.  Get a desk that you can actually work on.  You running your life deserves some primo real estate.

Now, I also see people with ample sized desks and do you know what we FIND?  . . .. . 13 projects that we mean to get to and don't have time.  Unopened mail (72.7% of it junk mail).  Kids artwork and homework.  Spouse's projects that they have ignored.  Travel books from the 1990s.  Various bits and pieces from the toolkit in the basement.  Copious hairbands, lipsticks, hand wipes, thermometers, bandaids and keys mixed in with the files and folders and supplies.  Tax records float perilously close to Athleta catalogs, bills to pay are in the same zone as old Holiday Cards that didn't get sent.  Do you know what this DOES to a professional organizer?  The stress, the strain!

Deep breath.  People, if you are running your life, your kids lives, your partners life -- maybe even your parent's life or you are going to school or running a business, YOU NEED A BIGGER DESK!  Then you need to guard that open real estate with all the vigor of a World War I soldier.  It's TRENCH WARFARE PEOPLE.  NO kids papers on your desk.  NO hairbands, no other people's projects, no memorabilia, no random photos, no items that belong in your medicine cabinet.  Will all of this stuff magically appear on your big enough desk?  Yes!  So get a fitbit and walking all that stuff to and fro to where it belongs will help you reach your stepping goals, or you can put a basket at your feet that is for "Stuff that ain't mine".

One more thing, if I may, please get a BIG and WIDE recycle bin.  Please, please,  PLEASE.  Put this big and wide recycle/trash bin right on the other side of your feet from the "Stuff Ain't Mine Bin".  


Ok, I feel better and I can't wait to hear about the relaxed productivity that ensues!