This IS Tomorrow

A few months ago I wrote a post about Tips for Time Management and I think now is a great time to revisit the 5 Global Tips. Two weeks ago we made all our New Years Resolutions.  I don't know about you, but I had so much resolve and enthusiasm as I set a great 'get healthy' resolution over that very last plate of nachos with the works and an icy cold IPA on December 31st.  I could see it, I just knew I'd have time to make 7 healthy meals a week.  That extra cheese would give me the energy in mid-January to never eat another carb.  The second IPA would super charge my motivation to work out at 5:30 am 3x a week.  Are you with me?  Do you feel it?  That moment of exultation, "I will be a better version of myself, tomorrow, right after I eat the teeniest bit of Ben n Jerry's because I won't have ANY MORE ice cream starting . . . . TOMORROW."

This is TOMORROW.  We still love carbs, we still want, nay, deserve that extra 45 minutes of sleep, we want to use our credit card, just this one last time, the kids will be fine if the screens are on for another 20 minutes.  What to do? What to do?  Shall we use the 5 Global  Tips for our resolutions?

Be Realistic:  You are who you are.  If you are a procrastinator, if you are a secret night eater, if you are always late, if you can't throw out anything, if you nag too much, this is who you are.  Start there and take a step toward change.  It's the journey that transforms us, not the destination.

Start with Yourself:  Guys, if your resolution was to not procrastinate, then don't procrastinate by nagging your kids not to procrastinate.  If your resolution was to workout regularly, don't ask your spouse what their workout schedule for the week is.  If your resolution is to get places on time, then get in the car calmly on time and don't run around screaming at your kids that they are ruining your resolution by being 4 years old and pokey.

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it:  Did you resolve to do something you have already mastered?  Hmmmm . . . . something to think about. 

Less is More:  Focus on one resolution, transformation, change at a time.  Success and mastery will breed more success and mastery.  Overwhelm will breed frustration and quitting.

Start with Today:  Everyday can be January 1.  If you broke every resolution, well, have a good laugh with yourself and get back on the band wagon.  Show up, do your best and in a pinch, go halfsies.  If you just can't resist those corn chips, eat only 1/2 the bag and give the other 1/2 away.  If you can't face that 45 minutes at the gym, search for a 15 minute workout online, and here's the clincher, DO the 15 minute workout.  If you can't face cleaning out the whole closet, just clean up the what's on the floor.