The MOST exciting Nifty Tip . . . Possibly. . . EVER!

Are you reading?  Do I have your attention?  Ok guys, I lied, a giant obstacle to organized living is that we tend to avoid  any task that smells like a low priority,  boring or beneath us.  Things like, oh . . . . making the bed, training children how to do a task, filing paperwork, purging toys, cleaning out basements, deleting our e-mails.  I get it, I understand and you know what guys, we CAN DO BORING THINGS.   Here's a quick list of boring things to do this week that will make our tomorrows so much better.


1.  Organize your 2014 taxes to date.  Make a file, get charities in order, update your Quicken (or quick books), gather receipts.  20 minutes today will make April 15th a breeze, your accountant will thank me.

2.  Create a holiday list - hand write or fancy spreadsheet, no matter - think about gifts, budgets, travel plans, house improvements to make before the in laws come, decorations, etc.. Again, 30 minutes now will make December less excruciating.  Your bank account might send me a kick back.

3.  Run into Chipotle, Starbucks and other various stores and stock up on gift cards.  That way you will have a bunch at the ready for whoever you don't want to forget!  Do it now, you might even send me a Chipotle card later to let me know I'm a genius.

4.  This is sad, and needs to be said, buy condolence cards and keep them in store.  When something sad happens you want to be able to send a quick hug in the mail without procrastinating.  Our good wishes mean a lot to those we love who are in pain, they will be comforted.

5.  Take a walk.  Walking is boring and walking gets the exercise job done.  Do it!   15 minutes. Re-boot your brain.  Your kids will thank me when your patience is doubled tonight.