Tools, Tips and Tidbits

Here's why I love teaching and leading workshops, I LEARN SO MUCH!  Thanks again to The Center for Growing Families for hosting "Getting Organized, A Family Affair".  We had a ball and I wanted to pass on some great tips and tools to add to our tool boxes.  

Unroll Me:  An e-mail management tool I learned from a participant.  I signed up that night and it changed my life!  Who knew I was subscribed to 160 e-mail lists. SAY WHAT?

Pomodoro Technique: A simple and fun time app that helps both kids and adults get started and stay focused on tasks that might be dull, boring or overwhelming.

The Six O'Clock Scramble:  Menu planning website by our very own area expert, Aviva Goldfarb.  Sign on for a few months, learn something, try something and savor it all.

Scream Free Parenting:  Sign up for daily thoughts and inspiration on parenting and relationships.  Easy to read, always thoughtful and sometimes irritating because it reminds us that we need to be the adults (ugh!).

ArtKive:  An easy to use app that helps save, preserve and reproduce our children's artwork.  Get going on this and you can both declutter and create amazing holiday gifts for the grandparents.