SHOW NOTES FOR TOOL 9: A Weekly Review

                                       SHOW NOTES FOR TOOL 9: A Weekly Review


Why Am I Always Late? A quick review of the magic of buffer time and being realistic.

Routines are for Losers: Read up on the sublime power of routines and watch habit creation in action. Remember to focus on ADDING habits rather then focusing on STOPPING doing something.


Getting Things Done: A fabulous productivity book. Written for the business person, and yet the message is perfect for the family. Write everything down that needs to get done. Review list weekly. Decide WHEN tasks will get completed. Know what you don’t have time to do right now.

Time Management from the Inside Out: Intrepid Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern always works from our strengths instead of our problems. She examines deep and profound reasons why we might struggle with time management – all the while keeping her message and tips realistic, doable and practical. She walks you through the time map process.

The Power of Habit: A great read on how habits are set up. You will never look at Febreze the same way AND you will learn how to create the conditions for new habits – and it’s not solely by shaming yourself into submission!


David Allen Talks About the Weekly Review: Two minutes well spent listening to David Allen talk about the advantages of taking time to be the “Executive of Your Life."