Order and Calm All Year Long Workshop

Show Notes for Tool 8: Communication


Shhhh . . . Listen, Up!  You guys, listening IS communication!

To Change the Walk, Start with the Talk: No, not "THE Talk." Examine how the way we talk, how we phrase things, our tone of voice and even our intentions can impact our parenting and relationships.


Letting Go with Love and Confidence: For parents of tweens & teens, Ken Ginsburg gives sound advice and clear language on how to communicate with your child over a myriad of typical tween/teen behavior.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen: A classic parenting book with communication at its core.

Duct Tape Parenting: My number one, go-to parenting book by the amazingly wise Vicki Hoefle.


Wendy Mogel: 10 ways to communicate NO to your child, with respect (and a teeny bit of Wendy Mogel’s irreverent humor).

Dr. Mike Bradley: Communicating with teenagers.