Order and Calm All Year Long

Parenting expert Paige Trevor understands the high hopes parents have for their kids at the start of every school year

Order and Calm All Year Long

She also understands how discouraging it can be when those high hopes get buried under the frustrations of lost forms, chaotic homework spaces, and seemingly indifferent children. Paige put together the Order and Calm All Year Long parenting series in order to support the supporter – your parents – and help your families get the most out of the school year.

The one-of-a-kind Order and Calm All Year Long parenting series provides:

1. Age-appropriate expectations

Encouraging children to take control of their homework and chip in around the house will only work if parents' expectations are realistic. Paige uses her ten years of training as a Certified Parent Educator to provide parents with developmentally appropriate strategies to guarantee success.

2. Simple-to-implement techniques

Parenting techniques that make sense and are easy to remember are the key to Paige’s success as a parenting coach. Parents will leave class with action-oriented techniques they can try out that evening as well as tools to help them reach longterm family goals.

3. A focus on the whole family

Paige’s strategies focus on empowering each family member with the tools to clear the physical and mental clutter that can get in the way of a happy life.

4. Ongoing support of the supporter

Parents can join the Order and Calm All Year Long Facebook group to continue to receive advice and support from Paige. For an additional fee, they can also access the Order and Calm Toolkit, a series of podcasts, videos, and worksheets emailed twice a month to further educate and empower parents.

Order and Calm All Year Long

During the Order and Calm All Year Long parenting series, parents will discover:

  • How to establish a routine that will get their families out of the door on time and in good spirits every morning
  • Resources that put parents in control of their child’s ever-changing digital world
  • 5 Global Tips that will help them organize any space in their home
  • A strategy to remove the stress of children’s homework from parents' shoulders
  • Alternatives to nagging that will produce better results
  • Specific ways children – no matter the age – can help out around the house
  • How to create, live with, and revise a time map that WORKS


What to expect in each Order and Calm All Year Long Workshop

Each workshop of the Order and Calm All Year Long parenting series will help parents ease the “pain points” that are frustrating and dividing their family at that particular time of the school year.

workshop 1: Kicking Off The School Year Right

Parents will share those school-related frustrations that are sapping the joy from their family. They will learn specific ways they can tackle frustrations like chaotic mornings and struggles over homework. They will also role-play ways to engage with their children so that the child feels empowered and the family feels happier.

workshop 2: Resolutions and Reality After the new year

Parents will learn why nagging is such a roadblock to changing their children’s behavior and practice effective alternatives. They will discover how concrete tools like 5 Global Tips and a menu planner can help them reach their goals. They will leave the workshop understanding the value of “me” time in a happy family.

workshop 3: Summer Fun & Training (a bonus session offered AT discounted price)

Parents will explore ways their family can use the free time of summer to strengthen the family bond. They will find out how boredom can benefit their child. And they will learn how to set healthy limits for their child’s favorite summer friend – the screen.

Order and Calm All Year Long

A satisfied mom writes The Barrie School...

"I wanted to thank you so much for hosting Paige Trevor to give parenting lectures to us. From the first time that I heard Paige speak at Barrie, I've been hooked. She spoke to me and allayed my fears that I wasn't alone in this parenting thing. She allowed all of us parents in the room to express what we were frustrated with when it came to parenting. It was eye opening to know that I wasn't alone. Balancing a stressful job along with 2 small children is very difficult for me and Paige's lectures and blog give me the tools to begin to deal with life, work and parenting better. I love her energy and her really practical "nifty tips" that just seem to make challenging parenting situations better. 

Thank you so much for introducing Paige Trevor into my family's life. She has helped me be a better mother to my children over the past year by teaching me what I need to do in order to be a better parent. I can't wait to listen to the last lecture in the series!!"

~Nareesa, mother of two


Order and Calm All Year Long

The support and training of the Order and Calm All Year Long parenting series can continue beyond the classroom door

Parents can subscribe to the Order and Calm Toolkit, a series of 14 tools -- video guides, podcasts, and articles -- that are delivered twice a month to their inbox. Each in-depth tool focuses on a single topic discussed in the workshops. Parents will receive a richer understanding of how to encourage independence in their child and organization in their family.

The Order and Calm Toolkit provides:

  • 14 tools that take a deep dive into topics and issues discussed in the workshops, providing parents even more tips they can put right to work
  • Easy-to-use charts and guides --  like a meal-planning guide, appropriate homework expectations based on age, and a chart on how to plan for the week -- that can take some of the sweat out of parenting tasks
  • A variety of media -- podcasts, articles, and video guides -- to appeal to everyone's learning styles
  • Continued access to parenting expert Paige Trevor so parents can receive even more guidance

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