SHOW NOTES FOR TOOL 11: The Relationship

                                       SHOW NOTES FOR TOOL 11: The Relationship


Alternatives to Nagging - If you are in a nagging spiral, here are seven ways to dive into the relationship in a healthier and more encouraging way.

Loving Limits - Teddy Roosevelt's quote is here in this blog post. Limits can be challenging if we view them as limiting and mean. Limits, when upheld lovingly and with respect, are good for everyone.


Yes, Your Teen is Crazy is a great resource for parents of teens. It gets to the heart AND science of the parent-teen relationship. Dr. Mike teaches us to minimize the damage and maximize the connection during these rocky and often confusing years. 

Louise Bates Ames Series  No need to purchase each one, but do read them. Knowing that most four year olds have tantrums and that most 12 year olds' rooms are hot messes will turn down the temperature on the relationship and turn up the goodwill.


Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach and parenting columnist for The Washington Post, is equal parts compassion, wisdom, and sass! Follow her on Facebook! She tells wise, funny, and thought-provoking stories.

Mercy Now Such a lovely song, filled with mercy and compassion! (Psst, just listen - the video is, meh.)