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Balancing Act founder Paige Trevor has trained over 1,000 parents in multi-week classes and seminars as a Certified Parent Educator with D.C.-area’s much-lauded Parent Encouragement Program. Early in her teaching, Paige realized many parenting issues were organizational dilemmas: “How can we get out of the house in the morning without yelling?” “How do I get my kids to pick up their clothes?” She set out to craft a message that helps parents clear the mental and physical clutter that can frustrate and separate family members.

Paige’s presentations focus on giving parents and kids easy-to-implement tools that help them establish routines and household organization. How to create a schedule to eliminate the morning frenzy and advice on age-appropriate clothing storage are just two of the useful tips she provides. Her mission is to streamline a family’s “have-tos” so that the saved time and energy can be spent on kids and parents enjoying each other.

Let her bring her message of organized parenting to your PTA, parent’s group, association, office, school or teen group. Paige can provide an audience-appropriate 1-2 hour presentation for adults or children full of practical advice, humor, energy, tried-and-true tips and, as Paige likes to say, “a wee bit of tough love.”

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Some other topics Paige can speak about are:

  • Where Did the Time Go? Time Management for the Family
  • Organized Parent + Organized Kid = Happy Family
  • How to Stop Having the Same Fight with Your Kids
  • Starting the School Year Off Right
  • Kids…Get It Together (an organization talk for children)

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