Help your parents get organized, your students stand on their own feet, and your families enjoy positive relationships

This 2-3 part workshop series designed for schools by experienced parent educator Paige Trevor will teach parents developmentally appropriate techniques to encourage organization in the family and self-sufficiency in the child so that everyone can enjoy a successful school year.

What does Order and Calm All Year Long include?

  • Three 1.5-hour Workshops

Three workshops delivered at crucial times of the school year -- at the beginning, at the start of the new semester, and (if purchased at a special bonus price) at the end -- provide tools to help parents bring calm and organization to their families.

  • interactive, engaging presentations with tips and tools Parents can use immediately

Using roleplaying and active participation, parents will practice how to tackle timely, school-related issues. They will leave the workshop confident that they have techniques they can put right to work.

  • Access to the Order and Calm Toolkit

Parents will have the option to sign up for the Order and Calm Toolkit, a series of podcasts, articles, and videos emailed twice a month that allow them to delve deeper into the skills they learned in class.

"Paige has been presenting at WES for over four years. Our parents love her personality, respect her knowledge, and respond to her engaging presenting style....Her online Toolkits are packed full of helpful ideas which reinforce the information from the presentations and help the parents in their effort to raise independent well-adjusted children.  
I enthusiastically recommend her and look forward to continuing our professional relationship."

- Claire Henderson, Director of Development

Washington Episcopal School

Parent educator Paige Trevor

Paige Trevor...

Has trained over 1,000 parents in multi-week classes and seminars as a Certified Parent Educator with Washington, D.C.-area’s much-lauded Parent Encouragement Program. Paige’s presentations focus on giving parents and kids easy-to-implement tools that help them establish routines and household organization. With a blend of empathy, humor, cheerleading, and – as she likes to describe it – “a wee bit of tough love,” Paige is able to help families clear the way so that the saved time and energy can be spent on positive individual and family pursuits.