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PEP II is about the MOST fun thing! (Seriously.)

PEP II is about the MOST fun thing! (Seriously.)

Held in Washington, DC, at Christ Church on Capitol Hill (620 G Street SE Washington DC 20003) for 2 all-day meetings

  • For parents of children age 5-12, who have completed either PEP I OR More Tools for Parenting Preschoolers OR Thriving with Teens #19.1.202

Building on the foundation of positive parenting, PEP II introduces more skills and guided practice for ending power struggles, talking so your children really listen, using consequences and working out solutions with children. Class time is structured for individual problem solving, helping all participants better understand their children’s goals and figure out how to respond more effectively.

  • Cost: $279/person, $498/couple (10% discount for PEP members: $251.10/person, $448.20/couple)

  • Textbook: Positive Discipline (2006 ed.), by Jane Nelsen.

  • Textbook cost: $16.96 (PEP members $15.26)

  • Class does not meet on 2/16 or 2/23

  • NOTE: Attendance is key. Within each course, the material taught builds on prior class meetings. PEP encourages parents to register for a course only if they are able to attend at least one of the first two class meetings. For the same reason, PEP does not permit parents to alternate attending the course with another parent.