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PEP 1: Parenting 5-to-12-Year-Olds

PEP I: Parenting 5-to-12-Year-Olds

  • Held in Washington, DC, at Temple Micah for 8 class meetings

  • For parents of children age 5-12 #17.4.101

Do you wonder how to raise your children to be responsible, respectful and trustworthy—all while getting dinner on the table? Do you worry about cyberspace, peer pressure and other facts of modern life? Parenting, while it brings much joy, is hard work. This class provides a sound framework for positive parenting and proven skills to understand and solve behavior problems. Learn how you can be closer and have more fun as a family while also motivating your children to be more cooperative, self-disciplined and successful.

Cost: $279/person, $498/couple (10% discount for PEP Members: $251.10/person, $448.20/couple)

Textbook: Parenting with Courage and Uncommon Sense, by Linda E. Jessup and Emory Luce Baldwin

Textbook cost: $16.96 ($15.26/PEP members.) The book is available at the first class.

No class on 11/22

NOTE: Attendance is key. Within each course, the material taught builds on prior class meetings. PEP encourages parents to register for a course only if they are able to attend at least one of the first two class meetings. For the same reason, PEP does not permit parents to alternate attending the course with another parent.