It's Always Something!

Seriously . .. . ?!

Seriously . .. . ?!

When you have kids, there is ALWAYS something, wouldn’t you agree?  I wish we could just get used to that. Suffering would be reduced by ½ if we could embrace, expect, enjoy the always somethingness of our lives.

When I started having babies my uncle would give me the same advice, over and over. “Once you figure out one phase, another phase starts.” And I was all, “Yeah, yeah – that’s for losers I’m taking parenting classes so pshaw, stop bugging me. Don’t take this the wrong way, BUT you guys didn’t know what you were doing in the 70’s. We GOT this, thanks anyway for your help.”


Dear Uncle – you were so right! Parenting classes didn’t make the always somethingness go away. Not dressing my kids in polyester matching ensembles from Sears didn’t make the always somethingness go away. To say I was surprised, upset, shocked – all understatements. Anyone else out there easily wounded by reality?

With kids, no – let’s not pick on the kids anymore, with people there is always something. There is always hurt feelings, there is always disappointment, there is always unmet expectations, there is always misunderstanding, there is always illness & injury. There are always surprise bills. Kids don’t always get into the school of their/our dreams. There are always home repairs. There are always mean friends.

But let’s not let the always somethingness ruin our summers. Along with the always somethingness there is always joy, there is always laughter, there are always sarcastic and hysterical friends, there is always Netflix. There is always another chance, another day, another moment.

I don’t think I can ever embrace always somethingness, but I’m going to work on tolerating it. I am going to work on it not sapping my joy, my strength, my energy. I’m going to accept the always somethingness like I accept the wilting daffodil stems that you have to let soak up the sun after they bloom. I am going to do my best not to complain about the always somethingness.  Because if it’s not one thing, it’s another! (hahahahha)

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