Magical Thinking: The Land of Organized

There's no place like home - especially when it's neat and tidy!

There's no place like home - especially when it's neat and tidy!

We think "Being Organized" is a mystical, magical land where you are your best self at all times. In "Being Organized", all the planning, purging and organizing will stop strep throat, tantrums and device over-usages in their tracks. Because it's so mystical and magical over there we never really believe we can get there from plain old, always late, slightly messy and disheveled over here.

Guys, "Being Organized" is just a regular old place. We can get there - think Dorothy's journey in Oz. Dorothy always had the power in those Ruby Slippers.  We do too.  I am not saying it's EASY, or RELAXING, or YOU WILL EVER FEEL LIKE DOING IT. I'm just saying, it's not some mystical techno-color situation over there. Here's what gets in our way of clicking our own Ruby Slippers together.

Magical Starting Place

I need to do the kids rooms first, and THEN I will be content and patient and motivated to attack all my college notebooks. I need to get the kitchen organized, and THEN I will be content and patient and motivated to attack that mess of an attic where I have stored every durn thing any relative has ever handed down to me, ever.

Magical Solution

FIRST I need to go to the Container Store and get that cart for my photo sorting, and THEN I will attack the photos. I need to really 'figure out' how we want to use the basement before I purge the linens. I might, one day, the day after never, need to use that slightly stained comforter, that I really should pitch, so I can fit the air-mattress in the stupid closet. But FIRST, I need to get my husband to sort his high school memorabilia his mom sent. THAT is what is holding me up.

Magical Mindset

I need to be in the mood and build my self-esteem, and THEN I will have all the energy in the world to attack, keep attacking all the clutter. During the entire project I just know I will feel positive and energized. If I stop feeling positive and energized I guess I will need to stop and wait until my Mindset shifts.

Magical Causation Determination

Once I journal about this room, and really am CLEAR WHY it's a disaster, what happened in my child hood - that time my mom scolded me about the room and I thought it was clean. Well, then AFTER that is figured out, THEN I can attack this space. Or I need to 'figure out' why my spouse makes me feel bad about my clutter and once I discover what's wrong with our relationship THEN I can purge my files.

What magical thinking is keeping you on the sidelines of your own life? There is no there there. But the here, right here, right now, could be tidier, more orderly, more on time and then we'd have a little more peace like a river in our soul. Let's click those shoes together and realize we have the magic in us already.

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