Parenting Shmarenting

Top 10 Reasons for Parenting Classes/Workshops.

1. It gets you out of the house, away from the kids (tee hee - but seriously, we all need a break).

2. Parenting classes remind us that raising kids IS challenging, and we aren't the only knuckleheads out there confused and frustrated.

3. We see we are good at some stuff and struggle with other stuff, and so does everybody. What a relief.

4. We learn about a variety of resources - books, workshops, classes, online seminars, podcasts that can infuse our parenting with inspiration and new ideas.

5. We see the universality of all our experiences. Rarely is a parent educator surprised by a question or a problem, because it's the same stuff over and over - messy rooms, problems with friends, picky eaters, no sleepers, homework avoiders.

6. We laugh together, because it IS funny. Seriously - it's funny the parent/child dance. Now, it's not funny when it's you, but it IS funny when we can see together the hilarious things we do to try to get a four-year-old shod and fed before 8am.

7. We can see ourselves more clearly - and that's where change happens. Change happens when we are in the middle of our very own lives - no excuses, no over-dramatization, no soft focus. In the safety of a big group we can quietly notice where we might be too demanding or too permissive.

8. We get inspired. We hear some great idea from another participant and we have the energy, fortitude and knowledge to take it home and try it. 

9. We learn new language. A couple of encouraging, firm and friendly phrases can turn that persistent power struggle into a whole new dance. Our language impacts our thoughts and our thoughts impact our actions. 

10. It gets us out of the house and aways from the children (tee hee - but seriously, you deserve a break today.).