The Heart of the Issue

Photo by lazmi/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by lazmi/iStock / Getty Images

"The act of cluttering is really an instinctive reflex that draws our attention away from the heart of the issue."  Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Do you ever consider that you are actually cluttering your life when you acquire or sign up for too much?  The ACT of cluttering - let's ponder that for a while.  Could it be that we clutter up our houses and our calendars to avoid the heart of the matter?

Too many clothes to avoid the actions needed to lose the weight to be healthier and more energized.

Too many activities to avoid the conflict of sibling squabbles.

Too much junk food to avoid the reality of the pain in the rear end it is to plan, go to the grocery and cook.

Too many new ideas so we don't finish any ONE of them?

Any of this sound familiar?  

Where is clutter covering up the heart of your issues?  We have hit the half year mark and clutter is certainly covering up the heart of some of my goals, what about you?  Look back to any goals you set, or just remember back on January 1st all the good intentions you had (we can do a quick review of goal setting:  This is Tomorrow and Five Keys for a Good Relationship With Your Resolutions).

July is perfect re-set weather! Uncover the clutter in your house, in your closet and in your schedule and see if you can't find the goals and golden nuggets hidden beneath.