You can SET a Limit, but can you UPHOLD a Limit?

This is not a direct translation, but it always cracks me up . . . watch the clip and then let's discuss. . . . 

Setting limits can be tricky.  Some of us set too many limits,  which we spend all our parenting mojo upholding. Some of us set too few limits, and just throw up our hands and say, 'kids will be kids'. Some of us are snipers up in our parenting watch tower and we surprise them with our sharpshooting, random, out of the blue limits.  Some of us are all, "Limits, what's a limit?"

Here are just a very few tricks of the limit setting (and limit upholding) trade:

  1. Set fewer limits AND uphold them (I know . . . so much easier said than done)
  2. Let people in your house know the limit in advance, the sharpshooter limit setter is to be used sparingly.
  3. Uphold limits in a firm and friendly manner.  Not too mean, not too appeasing.
  4. Limits work best if they are for EVERYONE.  Screen free time for the whole family.  Soda only on the weekend, for everyone.  No food in the tv room, and that means you too.
  5. Limits work better in a village setting, talk to other parents and work on setting community limits. 
  6. Listen and heed your children, their input is important. Think of it as practice in using their own brakes, they will need them in college.