Calgon, Take Me Away!

Photo by Comstock Images/Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo by Comstock Images/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Are we there yet folks? Are we stressed?  Did we procrastinate on all the same things this year that we procrastinated on last year?  So funny how we keep bumping into ourselves, but no time for self-reflection . . . it's down and dirty this week. 

1.  If you're ordering stuff online, stop reading and GO, GO, GO!!! 

2.  Buy gifts that you know will be fine (not perfect, not super thoughtful, not the most creative) for the person.  We are past the angsting expiration date.  Good enough is good enough.  I know I'd be just fine with an uncreative and non -personal i tunes gift card, wouldn't you?

3. It's ok to take a year off of holiday cards, trips home, trips to in laws, that gingerbread house party, the neighborhood caroling party or some other holiday tradition that might be more fun next year (winky face).  

4.  Please re-read Expectations: 101 and Expectations: A Practicum.

5.  Remember to be grateful, take 2 seconds and look at If the World Were 100 People, it puts some of our irrational holiday habits in perspective.