Get Inspired!

I’m excited about a new talk I’ll be presenting – “Getting Organized: A Family Affair” – at the Center for Growing Families in Bethesda, MD, Nov. 5, from 7-9  p.m.

Learn disciplined yet light-hearted ways to involve your whole family in establishing routines and organizing the house. Too often, a parent carries the duties of clearing the clutter alone. My talk will give each family member the tools to contribute to an organized home, and will allow each person to enjoy the success of a more satisfying family life.

 After “Getting Organized: A Family Affair,” you will know how to:

  • Tame the clutter. I will give you guidance on how much stuff your kid actually needs to thrive and grow.
  • Assign age-appropriate chores for your kids. Teach them how to share in the responsibility of housework and they will learn at a young age to appreciate the freedom of a neat and tidy home.
  • Focus on yourself. Instead of trying to exert your power, you will learn to harness the energy of your influence.
  • Apply five concrete steps to getting yourself, your house, your calendar, and your junk drawer organized. These Five Nifty Tips are simple enough to use the night you get home and meaningful enough to use for years to come. 

Click here to sign up. The event is limited to 25 people, so sign up soon. I can’t wait to see you there!